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What will my mother experience with social connections with other residents and staff at your facility?

The staff at our facility is trained and concerned about your loved ones activity and loneliness. There is a robust daily activity schedule overseen by the Activities Director involving all residents who want to get involved.

How are medications controlled and dispensed to residents?

Our facility has a med-tech who oversees and controls the administration of daily medications of all residents. This assures an on-time schedule and careful dispensing to all residents.

Is your facility safe and healthy for my parent?

Our facility was built and designed as an assisted living facility with all safety and health considerations included. We have a common area for eating and activities, a theater room, an ice cream bar, a barber/beauty salon in addition to each of the individual suites for a secure and enjoyable environment.

How can you assure my parent that they will be comfortable and independent?

Each resident has their own private room or apartment. They can live as independently as possible while enjoying choosing the comradery of group settings as they desire. Comfort and safety are the goals of our staff as they grow to know and interact with your loved one.

Will my senior parent have transportation to nearby stores or medical appointments?

Yes, they will have secure rides arranged by our staff members through our van service or with an independent transportation company.

Can we come visit with our senior parent at your facility?

 Yes, of course subject to the current covid-19 restrictions that are important for all our residents to enjoy a covid-free environment. Our staff is very concerned with keeping our facility covid free. We have enjoyed a covid free community since the outbreak and will continue to strive for that distinction.

We are trying to figure out how to pay for our parents to move to an assisted living community. Their budget is fairly tight. My dad was a veteran though and I’ve heard there is assistance specifically for senior care. Does that cover assisted living?

The Aid & Attendance benefit can help veterans and their surviving spouse pay for care if they qualify. Call us to learn more about this unique benefit.

Does Medicare pay for assisted living?

Unfortunately, the answer to this one is “no.” Medicare only covers healthcare related expenses such as a hospital stay or a short-term rehab stay. Because an assisted living community is considered to be for older adults who need custodial care, Medicare will not help with the costs.

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